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Features & Tools

Our platform has a very advanced set of features to satisfy the most demanding clients and needs. But in addition to that we have a really unique type of service that you can’t find anywhere - we develop new tools, features, reports upon your request. It means - if you need something that we don’t have in our platform, our team will develop it for you.

Management Features

Complete Affiliate
Management System

Advanced features and capabilities to easily and smartly manage an affiliate network with tracking links, leads distribution, geos, offers, landing pages, capping, budgets, grouping, automation rules, invoicing and more.

Smart API System

Integrate your affiliates with our API System and enable them to send traffic and pull stats directly to and from advertisers with full management control of capping, restrictions, and scheduling per source.

Postbacks & Pixels

Let your affiliates integrate Postback and Pixels in their marketing materials. Our platform knows how to report in postbacks and pixels on any event that happens in your network. Important to emphasize that we also support client side pixels for landing pages directly from the system without the need for any coding e.g. FB pixels, google tag manager and any other pixel needed.

Tracking Links

Give your affiliates tracking links using your domains, with a backup. Create a Smart Link that covers several offers while you are still in control of the offers, capping, geos and other predefined rules.

Parallel Tracking

Track all the paid and organic traffic without the initial redirect. Accelerate the process of sending visitors to your offers, and advertise without limits, even in regions where the Internet connection is slow. Our Parallel Tracking System supports various advertising platforms such as Google Ads.

Dynamic Split Testing

Conduct split testing and monitor variables to optimize your affiliates’ traffic performance to create compelling and high-valued landing pages and offers.

Affiliate Budget Management

Manage your affiliates’ budgets, balances and minimize your risk with our Affiliate Balance System. Know at any given time how you owe to each of your affiliates or in case of prepayment, how much they owe you.

Monetization Features


Full management system to control and manage multiple advertisers and brands with capping, priorities, geos, leads distribution, budgets, commissions, permissions, invoicing and more.

Intelligent Leads Distribution System

Send your leads to your advertisers with our Intelligent Leads Distribution system. Set up rules based on your and your advertisers’ needs, according to Geos, capping, budgets, commission and more. Our Leads Distribution System is using a unique algorithm to always make sure to reach your needs and goals.

Smart Advertisers Priority & Rotation System

Rotate advertisers and set priorities based upon their performance, requested geos, budgets, required capping, thresholds and downtimes. You can create different rotations to different sources of traffic and affiliates.

Advertisers Budget Management (VBS)

Manage your advertisers’ budgets and minimize your risk with our Advertisers Balance System. Know at any given time how much each advertiser owes you and as soon as they reach the threshold, they go out of rotation.

Flexible Commission Type System

A flexible and versatile multi-tier commission system. We support various commission types such as Fixed Sums, Percentages, Dynamic, Hybrid, and RevShare and you can set up predefined rules for those commissions. You can also use several types of commission for the same advertiser or affiliate and different currencies.

Create Special deals

Create special deals with your advertisers and affiliates, which are outside the scope of the regular commissions paid. These deals can be based on special events, conditions, performance such as conversion guarantee, bonuses. Our platform will track those deals automatically and calculate rewards for you or your affiliates at the end of a payment cycle. Easy and Simple!

Features That Help
Manage Your Network

Alert System

This real-time alerting system is triggered by events and rules set by you. The alerts will be sent to you via email and/or SMS

Users & Groups
Management System

A solid users and groups management system will enable you to manage your employees, affiliates, advertisers, finance staff in a very efficient and safe way.

Permission System

Assign different permissions to users and groups. You will control what each user or group sees on the dashboard and reports, which functions or features are enabled for each one who has access to your network.

Complete Financial & Invoicing System

At the end of each payment cycle, automatically generated reports and invoices will be issued for you, your affiliates and advertisers turning this usually headache-causing process into a piece of cake.

Smart Legal Pages

Personalized Legal Pages and GDPR terms which are strictly required by regulators and governing entities can be automatically added to your offers and landing pages.

Full Network Log

A detailed network log that tracks and records any action or event performed in your networks by your affiliates, advertisers, in-house team and developers in the network.

3rd Party Integrations

Getlinked’s versatility enables 3rd party integrations with STP, autoresponders, SMS messages, and much more. You ask and our team will do the integration for you!

Security &

Real-Time backup and disaster recovery

Real-Time Monitoring

Secured Servers

Unique Data Encryption

2FA - 2 Factor

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sites on your domains

Scalable environment

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