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Features & Tools

As our valued clients and partners continue to advance so does the collective scale of our technical tools and in-house development features. If our client formulates an idea, we can manifest that idea into an applicable feature of the Getlinked solution, thus creating an atmosphere of mutual business growth. From leaning on our expertise to optimize your business, we can reveal to you first-hand the monumental advantages of our solution for you. Additionally, you can lean on our expertise to optimize your business while we show you first-hand the monumental difference our solution can make for you.

Our Versatile Features Packaged Below

Traffic Management

In-Depth Performance Report Hub

Analyze your network and partner’s core performance marketing data to understand your affiliates' audience, their traffic sources and conduct in-house comparison reports.

Tracking Links

Control and customize the distribution of traffic through rules-based distribution, smart links, and dynamic marketing tools to support multiple tracking domains.

Parallel Tracking

Eliminate the need for tracking links by using our state-of-the-art parallel tracking features to support various advertising platforms such as Google.

Traffic Monetization

Flexible Geos Location Management

Restrict traffic to specific countries while enforcing daily lead and conversion limits.

Campaign Scheduling & Targeting

Intuitively manage your campaigns through custom scheduling, specific geo-targeting, and predetermined rules.

Advertisers Budget Management

Use our Advertisers Balance System (ABS) to manage an advertiser’s balance, threshold, safety deposit, and payout threshold.

Multi-Tier Commission System

Flexibly manage varying commission packages based on your partner’s performance, volume, and ranges.

Commission Types

Structure and automate various commission packages based on Fixed Sums, Percentages, Dynamic, Hybrid, and RevShare.


Omni-Messaging System

Use our OMNI-Messaging technology to create, manage and monetize remarketing campaigns via email, SMS and more.

Event-Driven & Scheduling Messaging

Setup, preset and schedule unlimited Events Driven Messaging within or outside your network for marketing and remarketing.

3rd party Integrations

Getlinked’s versatility enables 3rd party integration with STP, autoresponders, SMS messages, and much more.

Network, Back-Office & Finance Management

Create and Manage User & Groups

Effectively manage in-house employees, affiliates, groups of advertisers and users through our versatile networking technology.

Ultra Flexible Permission System

Control, monitor and pre-set which permissions you allow any entity to have access to within your network (ex: in-house employees, affiliates, influencers, advertisers, etc).

Omni-Messaging System

Communicate with your network, affiliates, advertisers, partners, and in-house marketing team through our encrypted OMNI-Messaging system.

Complete Invoicing System

Issue invoices for every completed payment cycle while monitoring the real-time financial summary of your thriving partners and business.

Smart Legal Pages

Required Legal Pages by regulators and governing entities can be automatically added to your offers and campaigns.

Alert System

Receive mobile and/or email alerts through our Real-Time Alert System for any event that happens inside, outside or in relation to your network.

Full Network Log

A comprehensive network log that logs any action that has been performed by your affiliates, advertisers, in-house team and developers in the network..

Security & Infrustration

Real-Time backup and disaster recovery

Real-Time Monitoring

Secured Servers

Unique Data Encryption Solution

2FA - 2 Factor Authentication

Platform links and tracking sites on your domains

Scalable environment

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