A Robust Performance Marketing and Affiliate Software Technology

  • Set Up Your Affiliate Network Set up your Affiliate Network White Label, manage affiliates, advertisers, budgets, campaigns, offers, KYC and billing all in one place

  • Open Your Affiliate Program Use our advanced affiliate software to set up your affiliate program to your brand and start getting traffic from affiliates based on any compensation method you want.

  • Media Buyers & Agencies Control and manage all your traffic sources, offers, leads and advertisers with our State-of-the-Art platform technology

  • Multi-Brand Advertisers Need a good solution to better manage and control all your brands and advertisers? Use Getlinked to distribute traffic and leads perfectly across your multi-brand network

  • Need a good technological partner? We see ourselves as your complete technological solution. Our technology and team will come instead of an in-house dev team which will cost you much more than working with us.

  • Boutique-Company Enterprise Solution We thrive to be a boutique-company solution. We work with only a handful of companies that seek enterprise solutions and increase their abilities to grow

About Getlinked Platform

The Getlinked platform gives you a powerhouse of Performance Marketing technology to super-ease your job, enrich your marketing department, affiliate network/program and boost your business ROI in a way that no other software does.

In addition to conventional performance marketing tools, and affiliate software features; we have developed many additional tools and software features to help manage your marketing and networks better and more intelligently. From the first click, to managing the entire financial aspect of your network Getlinked fits any scale company.

The Getlinked team will not leave you alone in the game: Getlinked is not a shelf product but rather an enterprise solution branded with your business name, equipped with the right features, and optimized to your business needs. At the end of the day, you will have a proprietary super technology.

But we offer more than just technology: we include our vast experience in internet marketing which we have accumulated for the past 10 years. With our technology and marketing expertise, you will get an unparalleled technological and marketing advantage over your competitors.

Remember: Getlinked is not a shelf-product solution as we build our business on quality, not quantity; choosing to forge long-term business relations with our customers.

We also proud of

Our Infrastructure

  • No hosting costs for you
  • Real-Time backup and disaster recovery
  • Scalable environment
  • Your own brand and domain (or multiple domains)


  • Unique Data Encryption Solution
  • Secured servers
  • 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication
  • Real-Time Monitoring

First Class Support

With our dedicated support team, we will be working hard so you don’t have to. We are committed to providing the support your business needs and staying abreast in our field by constantly testing new releases and integrations.

Fast and Easy setup!

Explain to us your business needs, pick a domain and we will set up your network in a few hours. Our loyal and responsive specialists will help you to establish and customize your platform according to your business needs. Our team will assist you in the process of learning our many features, defining settings and connecting your offers and advertisers so that you can get started as soon as possible.

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