All-In-One Affiliates & Partners Management Software

All-In-One Affiliates & Partners Management Software

Innovative, Advanced & Versatile Solution Evergrowing Features & Capabilities Dedicated Support Team for each client 24/7 Servers Monitoring & Support High Security & Encryption Infrastructure

Manage Traffic Sources, Affiliates & Partners On a Completely New Level

Are you ready for a totally new experience in managing affiliate networks and traffic sources?

Let us introduce you to - an advanced network management software that will surprise you with the set of features and its capabilities, that can make your life so much easier.

On top of that - and that’s very important! - provides you with a full-time dedicated team that will work directly with you and help you, guide you, set up things for you, do all the integrations, fix technical issues for you. affiliate network management software is very advanced, innovative and versatile, and for you it means that you can:

  • Control and manage multiple traffic sources
  • Control and manage multiple Advertisers
  • Distribute leads and rotate advertisers easily and smartly
  • Manage your network finances with ease.
  • Access all kinds of real-time reports, statistics and tools for better optimization

Our Solutions

Innovate Your Affiliate Network & Brand Experience
Innovate Your Affiliate Network & Brand Experience

We are not bound by imagination, Getlinked is the most versatile and customizable performance marketing platform to manage partners, traffic and your entire network. Meaning, we deliver you the latest assortment of technology, features, tools and extensive expertise to build, oversee, and compensate branded partnerships.

  • Fully branded, customizable platform and user dashboards.
  • Absolute management control over traffic-in and traffic-out, remarketing, in-depth performance analytic reports and a complete finance system to help you manage your network to ensure business trajectory.
  • Grow, manage, and distinguish your partners through our powerful Affiliate Management System (AMS), Virtual Balance System (VBS), Advanced Commission System (ACS), KYC policy handling, and automated in-house billing/invoicing with complete oversight.
Replace Obsolete Marketing Technology Software
Replace Obsolete Marketing Technology Software

Old technology not only limits your marketing department but can be frustrating and cause unwarranted headaches that flood into your business culture. We understand the potentially harmful complications involved with replacing your outdated software and the challenges that can arise.

Let our industry-leading services team guide you through the benefits of having our fully customizable platform and how we can ensure a seamless transfer process to ensure a swift continuity.

Our professional services team will develop a custom solution capable of maximizing your ROI and innovating the way you do business moving forward.

  • Spend time with our professional services team to plan the technology shifting for you and replace it with a Getlinked fully customized performance marketing platform to control every element of your business.
  • We design our customizable and flexible solutions around the conditions, specifications, and business models of our trusted partners.
  • Our professional services team is here to make sure you have a seamless experience in the transfer process. We ensure a smooth transition through making changes, custom system integrations while sharing our thorough expertise regarding the benefits of our robust technology.
Strategic Technology Partners
Strategic Technology Partners

We are a boutique company and we believe through our core values that the best way to create a prosperous relationship with our clients is through getting to know their business, future goals, and then setup and optimize the formidable and strategic fully customized platform for them, maintain it and then continue to develop it for them.

  • Brainstorm with our professional services team regarding potential improvements and optimizations you can make to maximize your ROI and create a more efficient and manageable solution.
  • Challenge our development team to create new solutions and innovative tools that are specifically tailored to your business, remember, if we don’t have it, we’ll build it!
  • We believe in a no rush, risk-free consultation which is why you can contact our professional services team around-the-clock. See the Getlinked team as an extension to your business when it comes to marketing..

Features & Tools

Our platform has a very advanced set of features to satisfy the most demanding clients and needs. But in addition to that we have a really unique type of service that you can’t find anywhere - we develop new tools, features, reports upon your request. It means - if you need something that we don’t have in our platform, our team will develop it for you.

Brief Overview of the Getlinked Solution

Fast and Easy setup!

We can set up your network within a few hours after we discuss your business needs and select a domain. Our professional services team is standing by to assist you in the creation of a custom solution that is engineered to advance your business to the next degree. Learn about our powerful features with our team and we’ll help you influence the masses to maximize your time, resources, and ROI.