Traffic Monetization Control and Manage your Leads, Advertisers, Offers, Payments, Balancing and more to Maximize your ROI

Our Solutions

Advertisers Management

Manage your advertisers, set priorities and decide which ones will get what according to geos, capacity, balances, restrictions and/or qualifications, etc. Watch Video

Lead Distribution Management

Make sure that all leads count by sending them to the most profitable channels based on source, geo or other business decisions Watch Video

Advanced Commission System

You can set up any commission your want to your affiliates based on groups, specific affiliate, geo, referrals, affiliate manager and more Watch Video

Advertisers Balancing System

Manage your advertisers credits & Debts with Getlinked balancing system which will make your life much easier. Watch Video

Unified API

Complete API System to send leads directly to advertisers with full management per source including scheduling, capping, restrictions, etc Watch Video

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Follow or generate specific and dynamic reports to analyze users’ engagements, effectiveness and optimization Watch Video

E-commerce Advertisers Deals Marketplace (comming soon)

Explore the Getlinked’s marketplace for deals from various advertisers and easily add them to your network


I have a new advertiser do I need to Integrate it myself?

No. We support many advertisers, from the simple ones that use tracking links to the most sophisticated API integration. We already support more than 60 API platform integrations; however, even if we don't, let us know and we can do it for you.

My advertisers want to see marketing related information and the publishers that are sending the traffic, in order to improve the conversion, what can I do?

Getlinked has a dedicated Advertiser panel where they can see all the traffic they receive and the balance. You control the view your advertisers will see, be it the default view or enabling them to view more by giving specific or extra permission.

I have limitations from my advertisers. Do I manually need to open and close traffic to advertisers?

No, Getlinked has the most advanced technology to control and automate advertisers based on business decisions that consider many rules and factors such as: Geo, Traffic source, Downtimes, Balances, Capping and more.

I have several advertisers that belong to the same company. Do they need to have multiple advertiser accounts and manage the limitations and budgets separately?

No, Getlinked enables you to group multiple advertisers under one group. This will give you the ability to make business decisions based on a group, like budgets, limits etc. In addition, an advertiser can use one account to view stats and marketing information for all their advertisers.
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I have traffic that I don't know how to monetize? is it lost traffic?

No, use Getlinked Marketplace to find new advertisers to monetize your traffic with one click integrations.

Your Benefits

Achieve the best ROI for your traffic with our dynamic Rule-Based advertisers’ leads and traffic distribution

Manage your advertisers’ budget, caps, limits and multi structure commission in order to get full control of your monetization

Getlinked can integrate with any advertisers from the simplest to the most complex integration

Dedicated panels for your advertisers to track his their traffic for better conversion

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