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Our Solutions

Extensive In-House Marketing Tools

With our vast marketing experience, we have created an In-House solution for Popups, Event Driven Action, Dynamic Pixels, Postbacks, and many more.

Dynamic FB/Google Ads Pixels

With one installation of Getlinked’S Click Tracking Pixel Widget on your landing page, you will have the option to add or remove pixels from your traffic sources

Landing Pages & Funnel Support

Set up multiple landing pages and offer split-tests. Track unlimited pages in a funnel using Branches. Attribute upsell conversions to the correct offer. Swap offers without editing landing page codes.

Omni Messaging Solutions

A state-of-the-art, Multi-Channel Rule-Based Autoresponder. Use our In-House solutions - Messenger, SMS, emails, push notification and easily integrate with many known third party providers.

Grabbing Customer Attention

Easily add new channels to enrich communication with users. Connect your CRM, software, website or application to our messaging system

Upsell Management Solutions

Generate more value from your existing clients by providing them with various licensing options

Easy Landing Page Integration

Add and Integrate your Landing Pages or Websites. You can create different landing pages, based on language and add creatives for your affiliates.

Dedicated Niche-Based Tools

Niche-specific tools to accelerate the users to the next level, like education, tools and content marketing

Dedicated Software & Tools

Amongst our arsenal, we have various software and other tools that enable you to increase user engagement


I have my own landing pages and creatives. can I use it in the platform?

Yes. Getlinked is built exactly for that. With our easy integration process, you can easily integrate any page you have with a one-line piece of code which the platform provides for you. After integration, you can use the powerful Getlinked library to track traffic, events, register leads and much more.

How do I know what converts best?

Getlinked real-time reports will help you analyze your traffic, so you can route your traffic to the best matching offer. You can also do split-testing using our advanced tracking links and rules technology. We also have smartlink technology to automate all of this for you.

I don't have any websites, can I still use Getlinked?

Yes. Getlinked Marketplace tool provides a set of existing offers from many vendors from free to paid offers, and all you need to do is choose the offers and add them to your affiliate network.

I want to improve conversions with email marketing, push notifications and SMS messaging. Can you assist?

Yes. Getlinked has integration with many third party messaging services, and we can add yours if it is not already integrated. You can use our omni-messaging rules to engage your traffic for best conversion.

I need to add custom events, pixels, etc. for the purpose of tracking for my publishers. Do I need to change the websites every time?

No. Getlinked enables you to easily set different scripts, marketing information, pixels, exit popups and more without changing a line of code in your pages. This is possible through our intuitive UI-based interface and you can customize it using many rules like publisher, geo and much more.

Your Benefits

Built in Advanced marketing tools like
exit pop ups, widgets, banners, etc.

Easy one line code integration
of your landing pages

Rule-Based split testing of your offers, landing pages and other creatives for best ROI achievements.

Track everything from clicks to custom events on your pages in order to optimize your marketing creatives.

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