Advanced affiliates & marketing platform for igaming operators' networks

Getlinked can be also a robust iGaming Marketing platform that gives ambitious casino and sports betting brands an unrivaled competitive edge and peace of mind to manage all their brands, affiliates, and campaigns.

Our Solutions

We provide a very comprehensive, advanced and flexible technology solution that can fit to anybody's business, either at an early stage or even for established businesses. Getlinked gives you all the marketing tools and reporting analytics that you will ever need to run your successful platform. Our dedicated support team is constantly on hand to help grow your platform through bespoke solutions and continuous updates to the system.

The current situation and the problem

Let’s face it, the technological solutions that casino affiliate network’s have today are based on old technology that doesn’t represent the cutting edge of the industry. Out of date tools and unstable networks just don’t allow you to run your business efficiently or give you, your advertisers and affiliates the confidence to rely on the network.

With the Advice of Igaming Industry experts

We have worked with seasoned marketing figures from the Gaming Industry to understand exactly what is required to update the old technology that is in place. They are all unanimous in their support of Getlinked and the need for change in the marketplace.

What Getlinked has to offer for iGaming operators

A Comprehensive Admin Panel

Manage and control your network from admin panel. From the first click, traffic sources, affiliates, brands, offers, creative, analytics, stats and even invoicing, all under your control from the admin panel. Organize your network for different user groups and positions and delegate abilities and views according to your needs.

Dedicated Panel For Each Position In Your Network

  • A dedicated affiliate panel that enables your affiliates to drive quality traffic and leads to your igaming platform
  • A dedicated affiliate manager panel that gives your managers full control over all the affiliates that are driving traffic to your igaming network.
  • A dedicated analysts panel that constantly keeps you up to date with the valuable data that is key to the success of your igaming network.
  • You can create as many panels you need for each position you have

Groups & permissions

The ability to set permissions for specific groups and users so that everyone on your network only has access to the information that they need - a feature that is key to simplifying your workflow and maintaining control of the offers, traffic and information across your igaming network..

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Leads distributions

The current practice in the Igaming industry is that traffic/affiliate networks usually advertise their own brands, and usually they have several.

The Getlinked Leads Distribution system gives you the power to spread your leads across your brands efficiently based on an automated rule based system.

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Commission System

You require flexibility when it comes to managing your commision structure in the igaming industry. Getlinked allows you to have the flexibility to set your commissions based on geo locations, speicifc deals, particular affiliates and many other criteria.

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Fraud Prevention

Prevention of click fraud is an important issue on any network and never more so than on an igaming network. The getlinked solution gives you all the insights to help you spot click fraud and prevent it from impacting on your network. For example if you have any suspicions in regard to traffic from one affiliate you are able to manually review all traffic coming from that source. This tool along with many others will help your network run in a clear and transparent way.

Dedicated Offer catalog with a creative options in multi-language

Managing more than one brand on your network requires preparing many offers for each brand, with creative in many languages, banners, and other formats.

Our catalog management panel is equipped with a user friendly interface that gives you everything your affiliates will ever need for their campaigns.

Billing & Invoicing department

A full suite of invoicing and billing solutions both for your advertisers (casino brands) and affiliates so that the financials of your igaming network are constantly at your fingertips.

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No more slow and cumbersome tools that restrict the success of your igaming network. Getlinked has powerful system dedicated to helping automate your marketing flow allowing you to manage your business while getlinked takes care of the rest.

Setup and integration period

Understanding the marketing needs of your igaming platform are fundamental to the setup of your igaming marketing platform. At Getlinked we offer a bespoke setup and consultation process that ensures that your network runs smoothly and exactly how you envisage.

Encrypted Data

Secure encryption that ensures that your data and entire network is completely secure - not even us at getlinked will be able to see!

We are your partner to success

Optimizing the performance of your business is at the core of our mission. Working together enables us to proactively provide services that add tangible benefits, from personalized player communications to lifetime value predictions, as
we work relentlessly towards a shared success.

LEADING Cutting Edge Technology Full Smart & Full Control

The Getlinked iGaming Affiliate Platform solution covers every marketing operational dimension, for casino and sportsbook network management. Manage your affiliates and traffic sources in one place. Your players are in safe hands too, with intelligent segmentation, exceptional CRM, flexible bonusing, leading payment methods, multi-channel customer support, fast KYC and express payouts.

Your Benefits Working With Us

Custom Built Solution for the iGaming Industry

Dedicated support Team from set up through to management

Cutting edge technology that brings your network up to date.

Make life easier for your affiliates helping with affiliate retention.

Contact Us for a Demo

Remember: Whenever there is a need for new technology or something, you will need your development team and if you don’t have it, you will need to assemble one. With us, you don’t need it. We coming to fill the gap, and as much as our technology advanced and equipped, if you will need special development or features, you can count on us...

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