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Affiliate And Traffic Management Software *We currently support Only Shopify Based-Shops

Open you shop into a world of hungry affiliates.

Whereas Affiliate marketing is one of the most important activities in the life of an online business, shop owners find it difficult to find a flexible Affiliate Software to manage properly affiliates and traffic.

Getlinked is an enterprise solution for big affiliate networks that can be used now by shop owners to build a robust affiliate program for their shops and lure hungry affiliates to promote their shops’ items based on performance: fixed, revshare and even hybrid.

With Getlinked, you can build a powerhouse of affiliate management network customized for your shops, manage affiliates, master affiliates, control their traffic sources, prepare them advertising materials, analyze their performance and compensate them in fixed, revshare or hybrid models and much more.

Since Getlinked platform is an enterprise solution with wide range of out of the box features and flexibility, the Getlinked Team is with you from the beginning and along the way, to customize the solutions exactly to your needs, to make sure you maximize the capabilities of Getlinked, and to support you technologically in any request or need in regard you affiliate program. You can manage your program as a one man show and you don’t need to hire an expensive dev or IT team to help you.

Getlinked Shop

The Setup of Your Shop’s Affiliate Network

  1. We’ll discuss, breakdown and specify the needs for your shop’s affiliate program.
  2. We will set up a fully branded, customizable platform with admin and users accounts (e.g. affiliates view, master affiliates view, accountancy etc) for your shop’s needs. You will decide what info to disclose to your affiliates, or any other user account you decide.
  3. Each of your affiliates in his account, will have a unique affiliate link from which to send traffic directly to your shop and with this link, any sale that will occur via this link, Getlinked will track and credit this affiliate performance. Of course he will be able to send also directly to a specific page, or item inside your shop.
  4. The Getlinked team is with you from the first moment, and along the way to support your affiliate network technically.
Getlinked Features

Versatile and Flexible Features

  1. Recruit, approve and manage affiliates through your admin account.
  2. Manage different types of users like master affiliates (2nd tier), affiliates manager, accountancy etc. Each User will have its own account, with his optimal view to work with.
  3. Build different types of commission models based on fix, Revshare or hybrid.
  4. Control your affiliates’ traffic geos, capping or even budgets. With one link any visitor your affiliate sends to your shop, no matter what he buys you affiliates will be credited.
  5. Get and provide full real time analytics to increase your affiliates performance.
  6. Manage all financial aspects of your affiliates payments easily with our invoicing system.
  7. Get access to all getlinked features that are used by the big players to develop and improve your affiliates department.
Getlinked Support

Full Tech Team & Support

Our professional service team goes above and beyond industry competitors to deliver unparalleled service and support to our platform technology so you can rest assured knowing we got your back. You can think of us as your technological partner, acting as an extension of your network to help make your business grow and succeed.

  • Receive unlimited 24/7 tech support.
  • Consult with us relating to current technological issues you may be facing, tech issues that you are concerned could be a problem along with new features that we can develop to optimize your business.
  • Receive a dedicated Success Manager who will serve as your direct channel to our team to ensure your platform has all the tools, resources and integrations required for success.
  • Leverage our extensive resources, in-depth tutorials and maximize your business through our out-of-the-box technological features while receiving industry-leading support.

Advantages of Working with Getlinked


Reap the benefits of our fully customizable SaaS platform for optimal partner management network, intuitive marketing tools, in-depth analytics, automated in-house financial system and much more.


In addition to gaining a powerful technology partner, you receive unmatched expertise in digital marketing and over 100 combined years of industry experience.


Our professional services team is extensively trained and works tirelessly to make sure our partners have all their questions thoroughly answered and receive nothing but the best support.

Customized Solution for your Shop

Consult with your Success Manager and our Development Team to innovate a fully-customized technological solution designed to manage affiliates, maximize ROI, and ensure eCommerce business fluidity.

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