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Our experience with emerging startup companies has taught us how many companies lack the resources and intense focus required with the proper marketing of their product and business. This is understandable given that most startup companies prefer to prioritize their limited budget, resources, and brainpower on the development of new ideas and products rather than the marketing tools required to aptly market their new ventures.

We understand these processes and the processes involved with putting your faith with new trusted technology.

Getlinked Idea

Bring us your idea, we’ll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if needed, and if we believe in the core values of your idea, venture and business then we’ll act as you all-in-one Marketing Development Team, where we’re beyond capable of fulfilling the requirements of your business through proven technology, expertise and for a percentage of your revenue through our mutual rev-share model.

No matter your industry, the technology you rely upon is not only the foundation for your business but also a reflection of how you intend to conduct business with your partners. Through Getlinked’s versatile and fully customizable management solution, we custom-tailor your business ecosystem into a seamless and simplified all-in-one solution.

With Getlinked, you are able to manage hundreds of partners and affiliates, improve the performance of your marketing campaigns through intuitive marketing features and tools while being able to effectively manage and oversee every financial aspect of your business through our in-house Virtual Balance Account.

Getlinked Management

Consider this your invitation to try the industry’s leading all-in-one management solution. Through our versatile technology, you can leverage our extensive marketing expertise where you can consider us as an extension of your business. If we believe in the core values and vision of your business, we offer a highly advantageous rev-share performance model where we don’t earn if you don’t earn.

With over 100 combined years of experience in performance marketing and network management, we marriage the crucial elements required to create a thriving ecosystem where the only possible conclusion is growth for the betterment of your business. Whether you possess a large joint-venture, are a lone wolf, or a growing affiliate network, it does not matter, we have the technology, know-how, and resources to develop the best affiliate network and performance marketing solution for you.

Getlinked Network

Complete management of your network with the ability to automate repetitive manual tasks not only simplifies network management for you but also increases the efficiency of your business which maximizes ROI.

Through our time as an industry-leading technology company, we’ve been able to develop and implement custom-made tools and features into the framework of our ever-growing platform. As our motto echoes, “Whatever you need, we have it! If we don’t we’ll develop it for you.” Naturally, over the course of time, we’ve developed some out-of-the-box intuitive features that are exclusive only with Getlinked. The same can, and will, be done for you. Challenge our development team and see how our innovations and expertise will take your business to the next level!

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