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Traffic Source Management

Control and optimize your traffic sources from Media, Affiliates, SEO and others

Robust Affiliate Software Technology

Manage your Affiliates in one place with our advanced Affiliate Software solution. Watch Video

Rules-Based Traffic Distribution

Control where your traffic goes based on a predefined set of rules all with one link. Watch Video

Dynamic Split Testing

Split test, track and optimize your traffic performance for different landing pages or offers

Advanced Commission System

You can set up any commission your want to your affiliates based on groups, specific affiliate, geo, referrals, affiliate manager and more Watch Video

Affiliate Balancing System

Control and manage your affiliates credits and debts with our unique Affiliate Balancing System (ABS) and set up pre-payments Watch Video

Detailed and in-depth Reports Section

Comprehensive and in depth reports section from click to conversion and any even on the way. Watch video


How much time does it take to set up an Affiliate Network White Label?

Once we fully understand your business needs, we can set up your Affiliate Network in a couple of hours. You will need to provide a domain name and we can set it up on our servers or on yours.

Do I need extra software to manage my affiliates and traffic sources?

No. With Getlinked you can count on us to have you covered from A to Z. From complete Affiliates Management to smart links with split testing rules.

Can I integrate with external traffic sources?

Yes, Getlinked supports full API, tracking pixels, S2S postbacks, and dynamic custom scripts integration to the landing pages, and you can get reports for any event, from click to conversion, regarding the external or publishers’ traffic.
Watch Video #1 (API)
Watch Video #2 (Pixels & Postbacks)

Do I have control over the traffic being sent by publishers?

Yes, Getlinked empowers you to fully control your publishers’ traffic with budget balancing, traffic limits, redirects, leads distribution and much more which provides better results for your publishers and advertisers.

Does Getlinked support Multiple Commissions Structures?

Yes. Getlinked has an advanced commission technology enabling it to support CPA, CPL , Revshare and more commissions based on almost any event like, click, opt-in, lead, conversion, second conversion and basically any event you want to define, track or control. You can also set a condition to have a conversion pending before qualification by your review to avoid and protect fraudulent activities.
Watch Video

Is there a dedicated panel for affiliates and publishers?

Yes, Getlinked has a dedicated panel for affiliates and publishers where they can access links, add postbacks, track results and more. You can also configure a group or a specific user level and customize the extra information you want them to see even to the level of a grid column.

Does Getlinked provide account managers or referrals to track stats and manage their sub-publishers or sub-affiliates?

Yes, Getlinked has both Affiliate Managers and Referrals roles built into the system allowing them to manage and track stats specifically for the sources they recruited, so all other information and sources remain confidential.

Your Benefits Working with Us

No need for building other platform with several third-party solutions.
Manage everything under one roof.

Working with a boutique technology company like us, you won’t need to worry about many things that otherwise would keep you awake at night.

We brand our solution for your business needs, customize and optimized it to the max.

Every click counts. With Getlinked you can make real time decisions based on real time tracking

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