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Our Solutions

Full billing system

With our in-house billing system, you can track payments from your advertisers, keep up with your balances, threshold etc. and with issuing invoices

Multi-User Access

With the Getlinked permission system, you can separate access, logins etc. for your employees, affiliates or partners to make things safer and simpler.

Compliance KYC

Getlinked enables our clients to fulfill their KYC obligations with a fast and easy interface to upload, approve or decline their identity documents.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting & analytic system will allow you to track any click event in your marketing flow and enable you to optimize and finetune it, to boost your ROI

In-House Support System

With our in-house messaging/support system you can convert more leads into paying clients, with auto and manual responses. Increase user engagement and enrich customer satisfaction.


We have several teams in our company, Marketing, Finance Technology and more, can we protect our data and show only relevant information to each one?

Yes, Getlinked has a built in user management system allowing you to set up groups and permissions as well as specific user permissions. You have full control over what each group/user can see to the level of each grid column.

We manage many traffic sources and advertisers, do you have the tools to manage those efficiently and internally without using an external system for compliance, billing, etc.?

Yes, Getlinked enables you to setup and control the budgets, manage your traffic sources, KYC, etc. We also have a complete built in billing system to easily and automatically generate invoices with support for multiple companies and payment methods. This way, it's easy for you to collect payments from your advertisers and issue payments to your customers.

We have several users in our team, can I know what they do in the platform?

Yes, Getlinked has reports on almost any action performed by a user, so you can see in real time (even on the dashboard) what's going on in your business.

I want to communicate with my customers and traffic sources, do I need to use a ticket system?

No, Getlinked has a built in support system that you can use to support and better convert your end users. It also has built in support system for reporting abuse and GDPR issues.

There are many agreements, privacy policy , GDPR and more agreements that need to be placed and managed on each landing page, does your system support this?

Yes, Getlinked has a built in agreement system, that allows you to upload and manage your agreements in one place, then each time you deploy a new version it automatically updates in real time to all your landing page without the need to go and update a line of code.

Your Benefits

Track your traffic, marketing and
financial in Real Time environment

Multi users and group permission system

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